You Have Outgrown Your Home and What to Do Next

You have outgrown your home
Have you outgrown your home?

You Have Outgrown Your Home

There are many signs that you have outgrown your home.  Families grow, careers change and unexpected life events can cause you to realize that you’re running out of room in your home.  The situation you were in when you purchased your home may have drastically changed, no longer making your space comfortable or compatible for your current needs. Whatever your unique situation is, you may currently be realizing that you’ve outgrown your home and need to upsize for more space for you or your family.

The good news is currently home values are up in Springfield and surrounding communities and interest rates are still low making now a great time to upgrade your home. If you have outgrown your home, Click here to find what is your home worth?

Running Out of Room


The most obvious indicator that you’ve outgrown your home is the realization that you simply need more space. The “starter home” that you moved into as a single person or newlywed might be getting a little tight as time goes on.

More Kids than Bedrooms

Perhaps your home was ideal for a single person or small family, but now you have more kids than your bedrooms can comfortably hold. Not to mention, you may find yourself tripping over toys and sports equipment because you’ve run out of storage space.

Furniture Fiasco


Toys might not be the only things you’re tripping over. How many times have you stubbed your toe on a piece of furniture or bumped your hip into the corner of your counter? Have you noticed your once clear hallway is becoming a veritable minefield of toe stubbing hazards?

Additionally, over the years you may have stuffed furniture or other miscellaneous items into storage and find yourself running out of storage space.

Are You Not Entertained?

You may also want to entertain friends and family at parties or during the holidays but realize that you lack the space for larger events and adequate seating for guests. Families are constantly growing with new relationships and new children. If Thanksgiving is already a tight squeeze and you prioritize entertaining, you may need a new venue.

Unexpected Family Factors

In addition to the lack of space, there are some unplanned events that might occur in your life that would require more space.

Boomerang Kids

If you have “boomerang kids,” young adults who move back home after previously living on their own. You might go from a little bit of breathing room to waiting in line for the bathroom every morning. While to some, this might be a huge blessing (or worst nightmare), the fact remains that you might have to make room for your returning child. You’ll also have to adjust your empty-nest mindset along with your space; if you turned your child’s bedroom into a yoga studio, you’ll have to move your meditation sessions to a different room.

Aging Relatives

You may have aging parents or other relatives who need health assistance and might not have the financial means to age in place or stay at an elder care facility, ensuring that they might need to move in with family members.

Should you experience this, you’ll not only need to make room for the person or people, but any necessary medical equipment or specialized furniture they may need, and your home may need to include wheelchair accessibility.

All things considering, if you want your boomerang child or aging loved one to move into your home, you may need to upsize in order to make room.

Economic Factors

Not all factors for outgrowing your home are going to be obvious.

The financial factors are a little harder for many people to see.  Now is a good time to move up in home with low interest rates.  Home values in the Springfield market are increasing currently at a rate of around 6%.  It is a better long term financial decision to make 6% on a $250,000 home than a $150,000.

Some neighborhoods are increasing at a higher rate than others.  The best way to know the value of your current home is to contact a knowledgeable Realtor like myself for a free home valuation.  We can also advise you on which neighborhoods are currently increasing at a higher rate for your new home purchase.

Personal Factors

You may also have personal reasons to move to a new home that aren’t based on size.

Long Commutes

If your area is booming or you’ve experienced a recent career change, your commute to work might be a few more miles or minutes than you’d like it to be. This can add up on your car, financially and physically, and you may not want to rack up a hefty gas or maintenance bill on your automobile.

Not Knowing Your Neighbors

There might come a day when you look around your neighborhood and realize you don’t know any of your neighbors, which might have a few different effects on your level of comfort. You may want more people around in similar situations – you might want (or already have) children and are looking for a kid-friendly environment.

You’re Never Home

If you enjoy the city but live in the country, you may want to make the move to somewhere more your speed. On the contrary, you may want peace and quiet and the sounds of horns honking and music blaring might get to you over time.

If you find that you’re rarely home, consider the locations where you spend the bulk of your time. Perhaps you want to live closer to work or your favorite night time scene? If you have kids, you might want to live closer to their schools.

Consider these personal factors when thinking of your current home. If you find your current location doesn’t mesh with your lifestyle or needs, it might be time to move.  Click here to see current listings

You’ve Outgrown Your Home, Now What?

If your home is starting to feel crowded, and realize you have outgrown your home, now is the time to act.  Home values are up across Springfield and the surrounding communities and interest rates are still low.

Have you come to the realization that you’ve outgrown your current home? Feel free to reach out to me to find an option that fits your lifestyle and needs. or by email  or by phone 417-693-3254..


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